Of the latest franchisees to join, Neil Grainger became Greensleeves 100th franchisee taking on the Bournemouth territory. Here’s some of what he had to say:


What was your previous job? 

I was a precision engineer, so completely different to what I’m doing with Greensleeves. I got fed up working in a factory all day and just staring at four walls – back in my younger days I worked outside and wanted to get back to that and do something I enjoy.”

How did you find out about Greensleeves?

I was literally looking at franchise opportunities. I explored lawn care because the work life and the work really appealed to me. Greensleeves stuck out. I wasn’t bombarded by emails by them, and they let me make my decision. Me and my partner did some digging, and we saw that their reviews were really good. It was a bonus that there was no franchise in our area.

“I’d had enough in my current role – circumstances presented the opportunity for me to change my career and I just thought it’s now or never.

How do you feel to be Greensleeves 100th Franchisee?

To be honest with you I had no idea. It wasn’t until they said I was until I knew. I’m just like any other franchisee. I’m excited to get started. It’s great that we have so many people in the network and I’m just proud to be involved. I have an established network of supportive franchisees around me which is great and a real testament to how good Greensleeves is as a franchise. Having all this extra help is definitely something I wouldn’t have got if I started my own business.

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