We’ve smashed all our targets

David Davison from our Surrey North franchise shares his experience of working with Greensleeves.

David Davison

Greensleeves Surrey North

After many years of working in senior sales and marketing roles for subscription food companies, David Davison from our Surrey North franchise, was made redundant in 2019. Determined to turn this crisis into an opportunity, inspiration struck as he sat in his kitchen watching one of our experts treating his lawn.

He originally approached Greensleeves with the intention of setting up a new territory in Surrey. However, when he learned that Nick Hulm, who held his local franchise at the time, was thinking of moving on to the franchise support team at head office, he knew it was too good an opportunity to miss.

After spending a lot of time talking through things with Nick, and attending the discovery days at head office, he decided to make a commitment and was up and running before he knew it.

“The whole process was really seamless.“ David explained. “David and Cheryl were really welcoming, and I really appreciated meeting other people who were in my position up at the head office discovery day. After that, I went for the two weeks training in Huddersfield, which was excellent, really informative. “

Of course, training is just the beginning of our journey with new franchises. We always make sure that we are able to support them throughout their time with us, and give them everything they need to keep growing their business – even when they have moved into an already established territory, like David.

“Nick and the support team’s help has been a really big benefit. I know I can count on them, as many of them have done what we have done as franchise owners themselves. The admin and operations team, too, are all brilliant. I know that I can call them up with a question, and if the person who picks up doesn’t know the answer – and 90% of the time, they do! – then Cheryl is your go-to. She is the oracle! She has been absolutely brilliant.

“If I had somehow known at the time the pandemic was going to hit six months after I bought the business, I might not have done it. However, now that I have done it, I can say I definitely made the right decision. In fact, it has even been better than I expected. We’ve smashed all our targets

… I would say to anyone: take the opportunity!”