Earning Potential

The Greensleeves business model has great potential for bringing you a substantial return on your investment within a fairly short space of time.

Of course, while we will give you everything you need to get your franchise running, and will continue to support you throughout, the success of your new business is ultimately down to you. We want to give you the best possible start in your new territory, but how much you can earn from it depends a great deal on your hard work and commitment. It also depends heavily your own sales success and the amount of effort you put into finding new customers, as well as how well you follow the guidelines and procedures that we lay out for you.

However, from our experience in more than 20 years of successful franchising, we have prepared the following projections for you based on the average customer base of 260 per year. Please note that these are for guidance purposes only:

As these figures are just an illustration of what it is possible to earn, we still recommend that you seek independent financial advice to help you reach a decision about the financial viability of your investment.

Also, while many of you will start with a single van and operative, our territories are created to allow for substantial growth for many years to come. With the right skills and attitude, and the drive and ambition needed to make it a reality, there is a great deal of potential for expanding your operations even further. 

Some of our franchise partners now operate more than a dozen vans in their territory, and our top performing franchisee has recently hit a truly impressive £1m turnover.

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