Our Story

From Small Seeds…

Greensleeves was founded in 1998. Though it was originally set-up as a general gardening company, the company’s founder soon saw that there was a gap in the market for a more specialised service. It was obvious to him that his customers were not only struggling to care for their lawns as well as they could, they were also struggling to find a company that could help them fulfil that need.

While other lawn care companies did already exist at the time, there were not enough to meet the demand, and many were failing to make use of the best possible techniques, chemicals and equipment available at the time. It was a golden opportunity, and one that Greensleeves was determined to seize. The company got in touch with David Truby (pictured), who worked for a pesticide and fertiliser manufacturer at the time, about supplying them with the kind of high-quality products they would need to make their company stand out from the competition.

Greensleeves’ new offering was an immediate success, and the business grew from strength to strength. As the company grew, David could see how it was drawing in more and more customers all the time, and eventually asked Greensleeves if he could get involved.

 He became a minority partner in the company, and one of the two very first Greensleeves franchisees, helping to expand their service into fresh, new territories.

…grows a mighty franchise!

Nearly 20 years on, Greensleeves has grown to become one of the UK’s most successful lawn care brands, with over 100 franchisees in locations right across the country.

When the original founder retired in 2008, David stepped up to become the new Managing Director and has worked tirelessly with his team to drive the company forward to where it is today.

We believe that our success, and that of all of our franchise partners, can be replicated by anyone using our tried-and-tested business model. With a full start-up package, a well-recognised brand, and a comprehensive programme of training and support, a Greensleeves franchise is a truly unmissable opportunity.

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