The Opportunity

Despite our success over the last 20+ years, we are only just starting to scratch the surface of our market’s huge potential. In both 2020 and 2021, our revenue rose significantly, despite the uncertainty of the economic climate.

We need more franchisees to roll out our high-quality service, and use our proven model to tap into this highly lucrative market. There is more than enough opportunity to establish a successful franchise in this sector, which is where you come in.

By joining the Greensleeves Lawn Care Franchise, you will have the opportunity to offer our specialist service, and use our established model to tap into a substantial revenue stream.

We believe that we can offer you the best possible platform for growing your own successful business within this sector. With our first-class training and support, you too can enjoy all the benefits of our niche offering and its exceptional levels of customer satisfaction and retention.

What makes us unique?

Our uniqueness as a franchise, and as a business, is less about what we do than how we do it. There are other lawn care providers out there and, while we do always strive to use the most cutting-edge chemicals and equipment for the job, there is no secret ingredient or special tool that sets us apart from the competition.

What does set us apart is our relationship with our customers. More than 90% of them use us again and again, and a great number of our new leads come from referrals and recommendations.

Every company out there will tell you that “customer service” is their big strength, but at Greensleeves we can prove that is not just talk. We enjoy a 4.8/5 rating on Trustpilot, far higher than all of our competitors. Our customers have described us as “helpful”, “friendly”, “professional”, and “efficient”. High praise indeed in the trade! It is this level of brand recognition and trust that you too can enjoy as a Greensleeves franchisee.

We take the time to find out exactly what our customers need and how to deliver it. We know how to reach our potential customers, and how to secure leads and sales. From our bespoke CRM and lead management software, right down to our leafleting campaigns and sales pitches, we know exactly how to find and manage our business.

What Greensleeves does isn’t difficult. In many ways, we’ve already done the hard work for you!

Over the last 20+ years, we have continued to hone our business to the point where it is now at the forefront of the lawn care industry. It is this experience and expertise that we want to share with you.

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