What We Do

Greensleeves Lawn Care is the UK’s most highly rated and trusted provider of expert lawn care services. We use a bespoke combination of chemical compounds, feeds and specialist techniques to give our customers deep-green, weed-free and beautiful lawns.

Our Services include:




Seasonal Treatments

Hard Surface Cleaner

Hard Surface Weed Control





All of our products and techniques are safe for children, pets and plants and incorporate a ‘no scorch’ technology, which means they don’t need to be watered in.

We are passionate about our work and believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have an outdoor space they can be proud of. A healthy, well-kept lawn is a thing of beauty that can bring a great deal of happiness and satisfaction, but it is not always easy to achieve. That is why we are trusted to carry out over half a million treatments around the UK every year with a tailored seasonal programme that can yield results immediately.

The difference is in the detail

Anyone can mow their lawn, and anyone can go to their local DIY shop and buy a load of generic chemicals to tip over their grass. That’s not what we do – though we do spend a lot of time helping customers undo that damage! What we do is provide expert, professional and affordable care that allows our customers to enjoy lush, healthy lawns for years to come.

We pride ourselves on our professional attitude and dedication to the highest possible standards of customer service. A commitment that has led us to become the highest rated lawn care provider on Trustpilot with an impressive score of 4.8.

Once customers use us, they never go back to our competition.

Our services are carried out by our dedicated franchisees who work for themselves and are part of the local community.

How does a Greensleeves franchise work?

The typical job of a Greensleeves franchisee is to analyse, offer advice and treat their customer’s lawns, visiting at least five times a year to ensure the lawns are lush, green and healthy. Unless they buy into an already established territory that is being re-sold, most franchisees start out on their own, running the business from home.

Early on, the franchisee will likely spend most of his or her time advising customers, delivering the relevant treatments, and doing their own marketing and administration. However, as their customer base grows, they are likely to need to employ other operators and will have the opportunity to take on a more managerial role. Our territories are calculated to ensure fantastic potential for growth, and some of our franchisees now operate with up to a dozen other vans.

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