Why choose franchising?

In recent years, franchising has grown to become one of the most popular and successful business models in the UK – and for good reason. It is a system that can greatly benefit both franchisor and franchisee.

For businesses like ours, it is a way for us to rapidly expand our business and recruit talented individuals to our brand without having to go down the corporate route.

For people like you, investing in a proven franchise opportunity like Greensleeves Lawn Care has a number of advantages:

Greatly reduced risk

While nothing in life is risk-free, joining a franchise is a far safer and more reliable way of starting your own business than going it alone. It is a sad fact that most new business fail within their first 3 years. Industry statistics show this failure rate to be at least 60%, and this is likely to be a lot higher during times of economic uncertainty.

In comparison, according to Entrepreneur Europe, the failure rate among new franchises is just 10%. The British Franchising Association also reported that 93% of franchisees were showing profit in 2018, with just 1% of franchises closing their doors due to commercial failure.

Joining a franchise means that you can buy into a business that has already established itself on the market and overcome many of the challenges and dangers that new companies face. With more than 20 years’ experience of successful trading, Greensleeves offers a model that already has a proven track record of success.

An established brand and customer base

Unlike starting out on your own, where establishing your new brand on the market can take years of effort and expense, customers will already know about the brand you are joining. Though you will still be expected to promote your business in its new territory, you will benefit from the many years of advertising and brand awareness already carried out by your franchise partner.

By tapping into the fantastic reputation that Greensleeves already has, you can enjoy the best possible start for your new business.

For yourself, but not by yourself

It is many people’s ambition to become self-employed and run their own business, and franchising lets you do exactly that. You can enjoy all the benefits of being your own boss, but also be part of a larger network of like-minded individuals and industry experts with whom you can solve problems, and share ideas and best practice. Having that framework of support behind gives you a huge advantage.

It can help you to quickly maximise the earning potential of your new franchise, as well as avoid the sense of isolation that can sometimes come with new business ownership.

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